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LIA - Heidelberg Graduate of the Year 2015


Over 120 attendees were present for the 2015 LIA-Heidelberg Graduate of the Year Awards & PIAA QLD Early Stage Apprenticeship Awards, held at 66 on Ernest Restaurant at South Bank recently.


The night showcased the best talent the Queensland printing industry has to offer, with awards presented to Stage 1, 2 & 3 apprentices and the LIA Graduate of the year also being announced at the event.


An exciting cross section of the industry was in attendance with employers and candidates from both large Brisbane based companies and smaller regional printers well represented.


Kellie Northwood from Two Sides Australia was guest speaker and her excellent presentation explained why the print industry in Australia is anything but dead. To the contrary, she gave compelling examples of where it excels and encouraged the entire group to push to extend the boundaries of what can be achieved with print.


Candidates / Winners of the Stage 1 Award were:


Holly Engelmann - BB Print
Walter Bailey - Coastal Coasters
Bradley McAulliffe - Print Approach (Runner Up)
Sarah Kennedy - Colorcorp (Winner)


Candidates / Winners of the Stage 2 Award were:


Biannca Engelmann - BB Print
Jeremy Nichol - Nichol's Printing
Kirsten Robinson - LEP Colour Printers
Brendan Moore - CPX (Runner Up)
Shea Agnew - Visy Can (Winner)


Candidates / Winners of the Stage 3 Award were:


Liam Afamasaga - Fergies Print & Mail
Murray Webster - Coaster Kings
Keith McInnes - Fergies Print & Mail
Tomas Ujhelyi - Platypus Graphics ( Runner Up )
Jayd Kiely - APN Print (Winner)


Candidates for the LIA Graduate of the Year Award were:


Sarah Janson - HPD Creative
Jonathon Fox - Inprint ( Winner )
David Pyers - Designed to Stick
Scott Day - Inprint ( Runner Up )


Judges from all stages agreed that there was really nothing between the candidates and that the decision on winners really was just splitting hairs.


Gavin Gyles - LIA QLD President said, "It really took some time to make every decision, which is a fantastic reflection on the quality of all who took part".


Mel Ireland from PIAA QLD said, "This was the first time that a joint presentation night has been held in Queensland and the response from all who attended has been brilliant".


"I would like to especially thank the sponsors and the training organisations who put forward their best and brightest."